About us 

Ink & Voices is an online publication and community for artists and writers. We are all about original and unapologetic voices, and providing a space for you to express your originality and humanness. We love pieces that are honest, raw and original. 

Mind, Body and Soul

Our content is divided amongst three sections, M I N D,  B O D Y  and  S O U L.


Here you will find pieces that will stimulate your mind. 

This is where you will find articles and non-fiction



Provides the room to reach the depths of your being, as our topics are not limited.

This is where you will find fiction, non-fiction and poetry. 


S O U L 

Here you will find our artists.

The Art Gallery functions as an online gallery. Each month we feature a different artist, and provide them the space to showcase and promote their original work.


Our Views

We believe.

Life and people are unique and made up of many multitudes. We know that this is something that is depicted in our work as artists and writers. We therefore do not limit our topics or contributors as we welcome and encourage original and varying points of view.

We deny. 

As we do not want to limit your originality, we do request that you do not submit work that is homophobic, racist, body-shaming, ageist, or hateful in any form, as we will tell your mother and ban you from our publication. 

We want.

 We hold a community that is honest and unapologetic, and welcome you to speak your truth as an individual in our community.