Creative clan



Hillary Fink- founder/editor

Hillary is the founder of Ink & Voices and the community. she is a freelance writer, editor and social media manager, who is based in new york. she is a contributing writer for Peaceful dumpling, and currently interns with Prentis literary book agency. Her creative work has previously been featured on Akashic Books and StrangeFoot. in her free-time she enjoys indulging in a copious amount of coffee, spending time with her cat jerry seinfeld and late night haiku writing. you can find her on social media @elementsofhill

Amanda Donohue- Managing Editor

Amanda is a college graduate trying to figure out what it really means to be an adult. She graduated with a BA in English and the classes she really enjoyed all involved creative writing. Her writing took her to Tanzania, where her eyes were opened and she wrote her favorite piece called "Sentenced." Amanda was able to take part in Dramatic Action Theater's show in Summer 2017 where she was able to perform "Sentenced." Amanda currently lives in Virginia, working in Keller Williams Realty, writing whenever she can. She enjoys books, beer, and women (also advocating for their rights). She hopes that by people showcasing their art, their truths, the world will become a more loving place. Hear "Sentenced" recorded via podcast here:

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Tiffany Gordon- Soul Director

tiffany gordon is an artist based out of atlanta, georgia whom started out her artistic career in high school where she found her love for creativity in painting and drawing. she continued her education by graduating with a bachelor in fine arts from the university of georgia with an emphasis in painting. her studies consisted of exploring mythologies, archetypes, concept building, installing exhibitions, building multiple bodies of work and questioning the foundation of critique. she uses painted figures in a narrative setting to create an open environment of interpretation and recontextualizes archetypes found in her studies. tiffany participated in group exhibitions at the university of georgia which included two years of spotlights on the arts and the bfa exit show the line between.

Jennifer O'shea- staff writer

jennifer o'shea is a freelance writer and motherhood/lifestyles blogger. she lives in washington state and is a national board certified teacher, mommy to a 3 year old and a military wife. she enjoys traveling, yoga, and everything organic. 



Adam Colombo- S O U L Staff Artist

Adam Colombo is a full time artist, freelancer and odd job specialist with a lot of energy focused on creative thinking and Basking in the next thing life has to offer. He has developed a passion for the planet and visually celebrating all of it’s beauty through painting,sculpture, and various other mediums. On Top of his constant painting he also loves being immersed in nature, going to music shows, works with management and curation of a gallery in Poughkeepsie NY called Pomeco, has just become a member of the Gallery@Rhinebeck in Rhinebeck NY for all of 2018, has found a new enjoyment in videography and likes to take opportunities to act whenever they come his way. Through his 6 years of college he says he learned enough but he is a strong believer that life itself will always be the best teacher.