Jingdi Ma's Gallery

if anyone is interested in a piece, you may contact the artist via email at majingdistudio@gmail.com

Ming Dynasty Blue

24 x 22.5" 

blue ballpoint pen

Test Tiles

20 x 20"

blue ballpoint pen


36 x 48"

Acrylic paint and gesso

Neo Cultural Tech Tech

3.25 x 5.5"

water color, gesso, mixed media

Jade Whalien

3.25 x 5.5"

Mixed media on bus ticket

yar sart


Mixed media on paper

cloudy head

10 x 10.5"

Wall paint, graphite, pen, chalk

Ma'anshan Reflect

15 x 8.5"

Ink and sea salt on BFK paper 

26 x 20 in
Ink, marker on yupo

3 Parts of the Subconscious  

21 x 19.5"

Ink on yupo

I miss you

8 x 8"

digital drawing

2.5 x 5"

Ink on paper

Afloat Asink  
8 x 10"

ink and metallic lustre on board

What is There and What is Not, What I understand and What I know

18.5 x 12.5"

ink on paper