Julianne Farella…

 is an artist from the Lower Hudson Valley and currently a student at SUNY New Paltz studying Drawing and Painting along with Art Education. 

Her drawings and paintings elicit dream-like feelings that bring the viewer to a place in which they are peering into a thought, feeling or idea - as if recalling a dream.

Houses are used to parallel relationships. At times, even with closest of friends and significant others, we erect metaphorical walls to protect ourselves from the potentially detrimental effects of emotional commitment. Similar to trying to recall a dream, experiences and ideas come in and out of focus with varying degrees of success, somewhat similar to what we experience when reflecting upon relationships.

Common objects have been finding their way into her recent works. She attaches dialogue to repetitive objects in her daily life that reflect the ways in which she interacts with those around her. Quotes are incorporated as well as introspective thought through many layers to express the wavering perception of conversation through personifying the home as well as objects. This process allows the viewer to vary their focus in and out through the different layers, as if peering deeper and deeper into their own faint memories.