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The Memory Quilt

Young women sat cross-legged on an enormous rug in the centre, older women encircled them on folding chairs, and in the laps of each were their vibrant patchwork creations. At the snack table, mothers sipped steaming mugs of gluhwein while their daughters crowded the platter of pancakes, syrup dripping in long sticky trails down their chins.

Loose Change

There was a poster of the silver Canadian cutting through the Rockies. The mountains had been spectacular, but when Carol thinks back on their trip, what she remembers most is the contrast between the open, clear sky of the prairies and those fields after fields of yellow canola.

A Love We Couldn't Give

I watched the lake turn from pink to purple, white powder seep into rainbow rum puddles, and you turn to dust.  I put a hand to my belly, one to my heart, closed my eyes, and waited until I felt you next to me.  I was too tired to claw, not tired enough to smile heavy. 

The New York Loft

The way he made coffee was methodical and robotic. He boiled water on the stove in a kettle, ground the coffee in a hand-held coffee grinder, then poured it into the french press and sat on the stool across from the counter and watched it steep for four minutes.