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The Memory Quilt

Young women sat cross-legged on an enormous rug in the centre, older women encircled them on folding chairs, and in the laps of each were their vibrant patchwork creations. At the snack table, mothers sipped steaming mugs of gluhwein while their daughters crowded the platter of pancakes, syrup dripping in long sticky trails down their chins.

Certainly Sir

I like those catastrophe things, and I realised that seeing rocks falling and rolling on the ground is how man came to invent the wheel. Then it occurred to me that if birds didn’t fly we’d never have invented planes. And so on.

Late Night

After another few minutes they stopped, picked up the dead weight, dropped it inside the grave and began filling it back up.  It wasn’t long before they had finished packing snow on top of the freshly dug dirt.