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Racing Stripes

The rookie dragged the heavy hose into the choir loft, remembering an instructor’s analogy of wrestling an alligator. Behind him he could hear Carl humping the hose up the stairs, allowing him to advance the nozzle onward.

Loose Change

There was a poster of the silver Canadian cutting through the Rockies. The mountains had been spectacular, but when Carol thinks back on their trip, what she remembers most is the contrast between the open, clear sky of the prairies and those fields after fields of yellow canola.

Despite the Dark

As soon as the first flicker of red and blue bounced off the alley brick walls I turned and raced for the fence. Feet shuffled and scattered behind me like birds, breaking loose in forty-five directions, jumping over bricks and barbed wire onto the wet pavement.

131 Hours of Silence

I look at the circles under my eyes, they have been growing darker every night this week. It has been exactly 131 hours since she took her things out of her two drawers in our shared dresser. They’re still empty.