By Jordan Donohue

If I could take the words
from the universe
through me onto this page
they would say
your voice is like
a kiss on the forehead
from a mother
one I truly never had
a sister with arms
that cast stars into
the air around us all
your glow forced me into bliss
energy divine flowing
between me and what I thought
was far too lost
to ever be found
but from long ago
I have known you
and to be here with you
once again is perfection
my devotion will never
complete itself for the
endlessness of gratitude
flows beyond my river
into the sea with you
diving deep within our souls
to create a heaven home
I believe and know
there is a great truth
everlasting in the ether
that has drawn my soul
to yours


Jordan Donohue is a writer from Woodstock, New York. Her work explores the many emotional vantage points of her life, with a thematic emphasis on family and the identification of self. She can be found on instagram @thejordandonohue