By Nia Simmons

I am in the process of slowly heeling the red, aching blisters under my black turtleneck.
my true essence is hidden deep
right next to my royal blue compassion, I keep my mauve serenity
you could come see
but you’d need a candle to see where you’re going

don't trip
don’t knock over my dark green anxiety
you wouldn’t want it to spill all over you
and you’d have it too
you wouldn't want your bed to turn into an asylum, 
would you? 

do you have an interest in the art of constricting your movement?
posing like boa constrictors
except its the predator
and you’re the prey

my pale pink romance dances and prances in the corner
painting the world in glittering gold with a joker smile that stretches from ear to ear.
wearing the mask of positivity
to hide the vulnerability beneath
because pain is second nature
with every breath, it winces

you see, I thrive on the vibrancy that lives inside me
but every time I feel like i have the space to release
someone cuts my wounds and watches me bleed
so I’d rather sit with my arms crossed and roll up my sleeves
so one day I can be more of me

One day.


Unapologetically awkward black woman who just happens to own a quite expensive piece of paper. Adores Love & Hip-Hop, Chance the Rapper, and Snickers bars. In that order. IG, Twitter, & Tumblr - @loveniasimone