An Empty Hook

An Empty Hook

By T. Haven Morse


words spill out like an 

overflowing levee but the 

current swirls too strong and

the shy syllables froth like 

white-capped rapids


i hold on to the wooden 

paddle, even wading into the tide pool when necessary, yet

the salty phrases refuse to be 

caught in my net


surfing the ebb and flotsam

the flow and jetsam of rhythm 

and rhyme float past me, as I 

clamber for poetry's salvia in

my mouth


living and writing between the realms of reality and fiction, award-winning poet and writer t. haven morse pens work that dances on the fences between humor, offense, joy and obscurity. she has numerous pieces published in mags and journals, as well as, two collections of solely her work published-"flooded by" and "beam me up, yoda." for more about her visit