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Dying Like A Dog

Non-fiction by Jamie Kahn

Sometimes I think about how much I would like to be a dog. Specifically, when I'm sick or hurt, and when I feel like I might die. I wish I could become a dog a little bit before I actually do die. Maybe for just my last few days or even a week. 

"Sucky" Friends: What To Do About Them

Non-fiction by Jennifer O'Shea

Can we talk about how as you get older, the worse your longtime friends get? Maybe it’s just me, but I have really noticed that in the past 10 years of life, changing from college years to having children and getting married, my longtime friends have really turned sucky.

Sad Song

Non-fiction By Krista Price

“Take out your journals or a blank sheet of paper,” I say, “Today’s freewrite prompts are When I looked up… or When I was born… or whatever happens to be on your mind.”