I Am A Goddess

By Linda M. Crate


my body is a temple
don't care
what you have to say
you don't know the sorrows and joy
placed in the jar
of my heart
how the wild trees and flowers
in me grow
nor do you know all the magic and light
i am capable of
all you can see is what you perceive as flaws,
but i am more than capable and enough
as i am;
don't need your approval—
my scars make me beautiful
prove to me
that every time i thought it was over
i could rebuild again
my body is my refuge against this world
and my mind won't be ravaged
by all the monsters and nightmares of the past
telling me my body wasn't good enough for the rest of time
because maybe it didn't work for them
yet it houses all my hopes, my dreams, my miracles,
my magic;
i am a goddess and one day they will realize
they were wrong not to give me the respect i always


Linda M. Crate's works have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines both print and online. She is a two-time push cart nominee and the author of four published chapbooks. The latest book of poetry being My Wings Were Made to Fly. (Flutter Press, September 2017).