By Kayla Jessica

I don't know but I've been told
That I am way too bold,
too intense,
too smart,
too strong,
too angry,
... for a woman

I am bold when I speak my mind,
Expected to be kind,
Expected not to mind
That men take, and take, and take
Yet I'm not supposed to break

I'm not allowed to speak until it's my turn,
But I'm a fire of a woman, and I want to burn,
Burn this place down to flames

Stop the bullshit games and derogatory names
Names that symbolize that I'm too intense,
And I'm not supposed to take offense
My tongue is supposed to bleed red
From the words I've never said
Keep quiet until you're dead,
Until only the screams of nothingness can be heard,
Until I can no longer utter a single word
But I am far too smart to stay quiet,
And I am far too strong not to riot

Yes, I am angry, pissed off, and mad
Call it want you want, just don't call it bad
When a woman's blood starts to boil to temperatures unseen,
She is told not to be mean,
To keep her words clean,
And keep her head down
Remember, boys don't like a frown

Fuck the boys, and what they like
I've tasted the rainbow, and now they call me dyke,
Or bitch,
Or dyke bitch ...
Doesn't really matter which

Funny though,
They only say this after I say "no"
When they ask for a show
For proof that I'm gay, 
They need to see it with their eyes,
As if I need to justify
My own sexuality as a woman, 
My own integrity,
My own bold intensity,
My own intelligence,
My own strength,
My own anger

As if I need to justify any piece of myself
To a pathetic man
Who only wants me as a trophy on his shelf

Well, my mom did not raise me to be a fool,
And I am far too angry not to lose my cool.

Kayla's style of poetry is "queer-centered", but "straight-friendly". Check out kaylajesspoetry on instagram for excerpts of my latest stuff.