Long Weekend

Long Weekend

By PJ Carmichael

It’s been a long weekend,
long hours on the road
to mystic forestry,

long faces on the way back
looking forward in desperate anticipation

to the next escapade,
the next trip

to uncharted territory,
the next bout of exploration,

future treasures begging to be unearthed.

It’s been a long weekend,
unpredictable skies wavering between
unbridled sunlight and the grey

of cloud cover,
springlike warmth and the threat of snow

alternating continuously throughout the
three-day span, unable to deter us

from our voyage
to the heart of the woodlands.

It’s been a long weekend,
daylight extending its slow reach,
the sun lingering a little bit longer

in the sky each day,
the rise and fall of a fervent star

propelling us through
what we imagine to be the conclusion

of another cold season.

It’s been a long weekend,
glimmers of hope interjecting themselves
into an otherwise frigid and lifeless month,

providing the fuel needed
to burn on through coming darkness
and into Summer’s loving shade.

(It’s going to be a long time
until next weekend.)


PJ Carmichael is a writer, artist, explorer and spiritualist from Wakefield, Massachusetts. He frequently finds himself caught between the forestry of New England and the nightclubs of its cities. His interests include immersion in the natural environment and subsequently extend into the metaphysical.

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