Neptune's Discretion

By Natalya Malarczuk

If torrents of the hot black sea cascaded through the room,
threatening to take you away from me, 
I would jump in
And thank God for the ride.

Hot tears
Rolling rolling rolling
Couldn’t bear to take you away from me
When you have lost as much as I have,
And the threat of high tides come from behind you,
You throw your head back with a laugh
And scream,
“You can’t touch me from all the way out here,”
To an unforgiving Source.

Falling in love with you,
Silent, fluid;
Was like a rabid thirst
Arid and unquenchable.
Until the floods came in and I said, laughing:
“Be careful what you wish for.”

We are at the discretion of Neptune
When the floods in our core
Turn into a tsunami,
Consuming us in delectable fervency
Until the waters return for a moment of peace
And I laugh
And He laughs with me.


I am a sophomore at SUNY New Paltz studying Theatre & Creative Writing. I write about love and social justice. Follow me on twitter (nxtxlya) or instagram (trashtalya).