Two Legged Dog

By Alissa Coleman

As I walk along my brain is chanting—
New place, new place, new place!
I am nothing more than a two legged dog
Entirely engrossed in this the excitement of living alive
Sometimes my tongue slips out the corner of my mouth

I go a bit farther and the chanting changes—
Present, present, present, present,
Gift, gift, gift, gift!
My ears are twitching, nose is sniffing,
Digging wildly down into it all confused and overjoyed!

I lick the feet of my master, insatiable
Drink from the spring, unquenchable
Stick my head out the window
So as not to foolishly miss out
On a single ounce of all there is to be had

I am punch drunk in the wind’s million-handed caress,
That it wraps itself around me just so!
With such strokes, such belly rubs
I forget to reach for rapture
& find it lingering on my laughing tongue