Conversing, Sourly

Conversing, Sourly

By Josie Levin

Eat the lemon, okay?

It can’t be more sour than your face

Right now

Look, I even cut it into eighths this time

No outer skin to bite through,

Or complain about

Since your sensibilities are too delicate

You can eat from the inside out.

Mind the stinging juices, though

You’re squeezing them, from yellow flesh 

in your shaking grip


That wayward juice might burn 

your stupid eyes


you’re squeezing them too, 

aren’t you? tighter

Than that slice of fruit

You idiot.

Your fingers can press 

as hard as you like,

Your hand won’t crush that lemon


I cram it 


your ungrateful throat

So think wisely

what your plan is

For the fruit rolling

Over the sticky pads 

of your fingers


Josie Levin is a visual artist and poet. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago, reads large volumes of books and occasionally writes her own. She has also been published in the Daily Herald and Circus Literary Magazine.



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