My Girlfriend is Trying to Kill Me Without Touching Me

My Girlfriend is Trying to Kill Me Without Touching Me

By Josie Levin


Loveless bedmate,

How the sheets have long whispered of your deceit

The rolls of them: shockwaves

Rebounding off your

Hair raised shell

I can’t get close to you

I fear suffocating

At the lungs

Breathing in my adoration

Breathing it back out oxidized

Stale splintered circle of years

Aging my words

Spitting them back out, old.

Sleeping enigma, your body 

is a solid weight

On my bed,


Your breaths that pull me under

Push me out

The pound of your heart 

Above the beating breast of mine

We are as close as body-

Not entwined within-

Will ever be.

Sweet cruelty, know that our love

Is held together on the ropes

Of our conjoined muscles

Coiled joints interlaced

Knuckles popping in synchronization 

Beating to the pull of the vessels

To pumping muscles

Jumping high in our ribs 

Magnetized together by the pull

Of only our pressing 

Josie Levin is a visual artist and poet. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago, reads large volumes of books and occasionally writes her own. She has also been published in the Daily Herald and Circus Literary Magazine.

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