Raw Poems

Raw Poems

By Krystal Norton

Stop and Listen

I stand alone behind the casket watching,

listening to the sobs of My loved ones.

Too Young is the words they cry. Too Young

is how they see Me. Me, a child born into

a world where depression is the latest trend.

No one took Me seriously. So, I died. Too

Young I took My own life. Too Young to be

forgotten like that.


Green Greed

Grassy lawns spread far and wide, the Harlequins

of society lay out. Jades adorn their necks, while

Light Green, Seaweed wrapped bikinis push forward

their plastic assets. Their lips drip Toxic Green

sludge that they sling at anyone unwilling to listen.

Their favorite targets are the girls with Scarlet

cheeks drenched in tears. It's not their fault they

can't afford to go to a normal clinic.

Men throw twenty five Forest green chips on

the poker tables. Their Brunswick bank accounts

growing, multiplying like Mint bunnies on Easter.

Behind closed doors they whisper sweet nothings

to the male intern with the Maroon tie. Being gay

isn't as sin unless it's a Sunday.

Parents dispose of their Moldy gold as if it's

nothing. Their sons crave the next Hulk Green car,

and their daughters need the latest and greatest

Ivy dress. The parents pay, yet when a man comes

to the door wearing a Red cross the Mold goes

away. They can only afford to help if it leads to

a tax deduction.

Down the street in a simple Brick apartment a little

girl plays with her dolls. She is unaware that her

parents are waiting for the leaves to fall from the

tree of prosperity. Old money doesn't share, and

new money is a stroke of luck. Her parents have

neither, so they watch the money Bleed out of

their Puce bank account.


Error: No Love Found

Don’t forget to love Me with every

inch of that fire that burns in Your soul.

I need You to love me like that, because

I hate myself with every molecule of the

sun. And, if no one loves Me, not even Me,

why do I exist?

Krystal Norton is an emerging Pansexual poet based out of the state of Texas. She spends her days working for a mortgage company and at night she write poetry. Her credits include Hashtag Queer: Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology Vol.2 and the 2018 Fall issues of Alt-Minds Literary Magazine.

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