Poetry by Leslie Dianne

Poetry by Leslie Dianne

By Leslie Dianne


Silenced by a Blade

The knife threat made

her mute for a week

the words

were there


inside of

her body


taking over

her flesh


all that emerges now

is a gasp, a sputter

then the air 

disappears and 

she still doesn’t leave

she is forced to inhale

him again and again


we knock 

she opens the door

a crack 


she is consumed 

by his fear

his rage 

his grief

his pain 

that he beat 

into her

seeking refuge 

in her 




in her skin



For Jenny, After The Fifth Beating

Say something 

speak up 

I can’t hear you 


in the corner


say something 

or wave your arms

so I can see that

you are still able to move


turn you head away 

from the wall

look out here 

towards the light


open your fists

and let the blood 

on them thicken


let the scars heal

and the day you face

will blind you at first 


but then it will

guide you down your 

own birth canal

back to yourself 


Women’s Work

The Navahos 

call this kind of 

driving torrent

thunder cloud

sky blind rain 

male rain


as if men could 

turn buckets 

of sky



that is 

woman’s work


look all over 

the world

at how she empties

her love

hope and pain 

into the oceans

rivers and streams

and lets the water 

carry them away 


later she sits still 

as they evaporate 

and pour down 

to grow the land

and nourish hearts


Leslie McGriff  (Leslie Dianne) is a poet, novelist, screenwriter, playwright and performer whose work has been acclaimed internationally in places such as the Harrogate Fringe Festival in Great Britain, The International Arts Festival in Tuscany, Italy and at La Mama, ETC in New York City. Her stage plays have been presented in NYC at The American Theater of Actors, The Raw Space, The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater and The Lamb's Theater.  Her screenplay, Striver's Row, was chosen as a finalist in the Urban World Screenwriting Competition. She holds a BA in French Literature and is currently working on a collection of poetry.



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