Poetry By C.L. Romer

Poetry By C.L. Romer

By C.L. Romer


Rattle it off in stages. 

Transcendence among the beats, repetition equates devotion. Hail Mary, full of grace and worry.

Shout in unison, listen to the echos.

Our Father, I am not worthy to receive you but say the words and I shall lack the faith to hear them.

Reveal each sinful deed, await penance.

Whisper them to ears aching with patience and greed. He’ll gobble it up, the heft of your folly and shame.

Spit it back out.

Say the words, child, and find redemption. A clenched jaw betrays corruption. Silence a rebellious act. 

The most intimate act.

Bleed for the ones you love. Tears of goodness and sanguine grief, Mary did. Virtue is a caged bird. 

Taciturn in nature, demure.

Resist temptation. Obey the man who sticks fine boned fingers to his chest and reveals a gilded heart. 

Place his body between your lips. 

The mouth is a dangerous thing. Fill it with wine offered by another man, stare into his eyes and whisper 



Climbing Out

They climb out with little fanfare,

rub their eyes, and to their amazement

find that not much had changed.

The pair were older with skin sensitive

but the world had carried on without them. 

Trees grew, burst forth with green,

changed color and fell without acquiescence 

their eyes weren’t even needed 

as if the cosmos gave no concern 

to feelings and proclivities. 

The pair rub their eyes once more 

and part ways, pressing forward,

moving on in different directions 

because what else does one do? 

What else is there but acceptance?

Keep your chin up or drown in the dregs 

the world only wants to salivate 

on faults and misfortunes.

The traits of the valiant are forged  

and grace is not given. 

Speak loudly and into the wind 

but move with your back against it

you will break and break again 

Your heart will shatter 

but will still beat, irregularly, but again.


The Only Way

Build a better human 

a body more able to conquer,

traverse acres of meat and heartache.

Devise a more stable frame

full of marble, covered in icy skin.

Be on the lookout and the offensive,

fill voids with gunpowder.

Be ruthless and objectively hideous

with dragon breath and no nonsense hair

leave no breadcrumbs for senses and humility.

Look west and east again 

turn your head on a swivel 

remember that pain is a guarantee

so look everywhere 

and burn bridges once crossed.

Stomp skulls and break collarbones

decapitate and dismantle

incapacitate and bring harm 

ensure that the life has been rung out

protect thyself like a beetle with it’s armor. 

Become lonely and defiant 

erect walls like virtue 

make them strong and intractable 

seek no partner and love no one but yourself

It is the only way.



C.L. Romer is a daydreamer living in Dayton, Ohio. She has been previously published in The Oak, Mock Turtle Magazine, Quail Bell, and Black Book Press among others.

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