Thoughts Of A Poet

Thoughts Of A Poet

Poetry By Jhier Wells

Release Hurts

the poet who did not know how to write with society’s rules

how many grammar errors will I break to release my pain

how many commas will i leave out

maybe twenty because i’m too busy writing out my soul

that is overflowing with tears that i’ve choked on

for years

because men aren’t supposed to cry so our souls die

from the flood of emotions that we are told we are not

supposed to feel

so excuse me if i don’t take the time to place a comma

so that you may take a breath

to finish reading about what’s laid dormant in my soul

planting roots that i’m trying to dig up so that i may go

on living in this world that is waiting to drown me with

more of life’s hell

so i could really give a hell about your commas

because when it comes to this release that i so desperately

need there will be no pause as my soul starts to cry out my

list of things

the heartbreak from a first love that put me last on her list

the death of a friend or two or more

the tears of a son that cries out for a mom who will never

truly love him from her soul unconditionally

mourning the loss of living

trials that have conquered me and took the pride i built up

a broken soul too scared to go to its Creator for healing

so it’s learned to move through life without feeling whole

let me see

how many commas have i missed

because there is more to go

maybe i should add them in

because honestly,

i need to pause from releasing,

it’s too much,

too much





depressing, damaging, darkening,

but necessary.


"Love from the soul”

His soul listened as she spoke:

under the moonlight, while the

wind moved her body to dance.


"Freedom" from liquor soaked

lips, she smiled as she

looked deep into his eyes.


"Broken": she reached out

for permission to heal his

darkness with her light.


"Love": a mysterious feeling

that caused his heart to stir,

as she held his hands.


"Beautiful": she wrote with her finger

over the scars he hid so well. For, she

knew what existed in his soul.

Even though he didn’t.


I am a poet, who is finally releasing my poetry for the world to read. I am devoted to changing lives through my writing by sharing my journey. My hope is to inspire young men, like my son, to do better for themselves.

The Blind

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