Going Nowhere

By Alizah Melendez

Im in the midst of an evolution
Constantly pursuing
The mind I've ruined
With the thought of doing
Nothing with my life
The emptiness inside
Consumed my self pride
And prevented me from being alive
I just learned to survive
This crippling depression
Just drains my poor mind
From the creative flow I find
Only when tides
Swallows over the pesky skin
Of the dead cells I begin
To drift in a sea of wins
To know I will return again
To the shore
Im always more
Than what I was before
But the floor is a treadmill
I dread the feeling of treading sills
Going up a hill
All while remaining still


I'm a 20 year old mother of a 4 month old. I suffer from Post-Partem, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder, and (last but not least) Depression. I have tons of material that demands regocnition.