How It Feels Outside

By Arganise Campbell-Nash


Shut me out why don't you
Outside cold
Balled up looking for you
On the other side of the gates
I shake them
You knew this would happen
Nothing shall keep us apart
I am here
You are there
Yet I can feel you
My eyes only water when yours are
The pain sits so you must have the same
I treasure your every move
To even get a glance at you is a privilege
I say your name over and over
No response
Don't leave me here
I will do whatever it takes to look in those soul peepers
I can't
Don't you see?
I can't get enough of you
Come back to me my love
In my arms and heart


Arganise is a blogger/poet at 1,000 Stories Behind The Eyes and podcaster. Along with being a writer she is also a freshman at Oakland Community College pursuing a degree in Mass Communications. With many accomplishments under her belt, the biggest one is finding her own voice through poetry.